About Us

History ZM S.A.

On April 25, 1983 ZM started its activities in the automotive industry. Initially dedicated to the development and supplying of Solenoid Switches for Starter Motors. With the increase of technology, the conquest of new markets and the brand consolidation abroad, ZM extended its production for Wheel Bolts and Nuts, and Cold Forged Special Parts. As a result of the excellent receptivity and the significant technological leap due to the constant investments, the Company nowadays has in its products line Starter Motors and Alternators.

With a history of sustained growth for over two decades of activity and the achievement of international quality certificates, ZM SA presents itself as a stable business partner and supplier of products of high reliability and competitiveness.



ZM has the complete structure for the development of its products from design to validation. Using high technology in CAD / CAM / CAE to the creation of productive processes and tools manufacturing, projects are developed in cold forming, stamping, and injection, as well as to machineries and equipments of assembling products and processes.

In the development of new products are realized simulations in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) exempting the construction of physical prototypes and rationalizing the time of drawing up projects, and also enable a better matching of the tooling into the machineries. The tools used in the production of parts and components are manufactured internally contributing to the quality assurance and optimization of production flow.


ZM is fully aware that the current stage of the Company, effectively reaching the standards required by the market, is associated with a factor of particular importance: the Quality. Through combined investments in staff training, acquisition and development of new technologies the company succeeds in providing products of high reliability.

Actions in the quality context include to maintain multidisciplinary teams engaged in all stages of product development. Associated to them are used statistical techniques, analyses of reliability, accelerated tests, as well as the support instruments like the softwares CAE / CAD / CAM.

The goals and efforts aimed at extending the concept of Quality in all aspects of the Company activity. All factors are considered. Since those that focus directly on the product as raw material, technology and professional qualification, and those which do indirectly, including the quality of life of employees. So, for ZM the term quality does not cover only their products, but the entire dynamic context that generated them.